To Fine The Fish, You Should Start With a Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Do you have a definite plan and target audience for your message in Social Media Marketing?
  • Do you know exactly what it is you are selling?
  • Do you know where to find your target market?
  • Do you know what your message is?

Many people jump into social media marketing without any kind of action plan. They jump on the bandwagon and start Tweeting their message to anyone who will listen, hoping that it will land on captive ears. And, they turn off many potential friends and ambassadors in the process.

Direct Sellers and Network Marketers are notorious for this because most of us have been taught to talk to everyone; leave no stone unturned. And, my question might be – how’s that working for ya?

This might work well in the offline line world, with your warm market and center of influence, but in the online world, where there is already too much noise, it can be a challenge.

See, while anyone could be your target market, you will spend your time much more wisely by fishing where the fish are.

Start with defining WHO you want to attract.

Who is the perfect person for your product or opportunity? Where would they be hanging out online to catch your message?

Once you’ve identified who and where, begin there.

Engage and attract fans and followers by being first interested in other people. Forget about your message for a while. See where you can give first.

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To your Success,

Mike Snow

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