Exclusive One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring for Faster Results

Are you sick and tired of fighting with your lack of tech skills?


Wish you could focus on what you love instead of worrying about marketing your business?


Wish you had the skills necessary to market on social media?


 If yes, you're in the right place.


My passion is to show you the simplest most effective techniques for growing your visibility and your profits quickly.

Coaching Will Be Conducted On Zoom Video Calls


I will conduct the coaching on Zoom, where I have the capability to record the video call (calls will be private, so ONLY you and I will have access to them…) so you can go back through the training, again and again, to pull out the GOLDEN nuggets that you need to take action on. This is invaluable… and will help you remember EVERYTHING we go through on the calls.

One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years I’ve been doing coaching and consulting is that everybody is different with where they are at in their business. Therefore, during your coaching time with me, we will work on the specific areas you need the most help with. These areas might include:

Fan Page Creation

Step by step training video on how to set up your Facebook Fan Page the right way for creating an irresistible brand.

Fan Page Organic Reach

I walk you through the process of how to get more organic reach with your status updates and how to reach your customers all organically with your Facebook Fan Page.

How to build a brand

Step by step overview of how to identify your passion and turn it into a money making business on Facebook.

Video Marketing Preparation

A walkthrough tutorial on how to prepare for making videos on Facebook. What you must know and need to be successful.

Facebook Ads Overview

Step by step tutorial of each of the different types of ads you can create on Facebook and which one of the ads you should be using in your business for a specific results such as traffic, engagement, leads, and sales.

Ad Image Creation

Step by step tutorial on image resources that will guarantee to get you more engagement on your posts and ads.

Defining Customer Avatar

Steps to identifying your perfect customer and knowing what their pains are, their interests and how your product can be the solution to their current pains.

Fan Page Posting Strategy

Step by step video tutorial on how to create compelling status updates that will engage your audience.

Uploading Your Videos To Facebook

Not sure how to upload a video to Facebook the right way? I got you covered in this step by step tutorial.

Creating a Likes Ad

Step by step instructions on how to create your very first likes ad to start getting likes to you Facebook Fan page and building brand awareness.

Retargeting Overview

An overview on retargeting your visitors with your Facebook Ads. You will learn exactly how you should be using retargeting in your business.

Creating Your Free Offer

Step by step walkthrough of creating your irresistible offer using one of the most popular 3rd party platforms in our marketing niche.

Overview of New Ad Manger

Step by step more in depth view of the brand new Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook Content Strategy

You bet their is a strategy behind the content that you post on your Fan Page and I walk you through the steps of creating content that sells and is engaging.

Understanding Your Insights Panel

This back office tutorial shows how to use the insights panel's metrics to become a more effective marketer on Facebook

New Ad Manager Overview

Step by step guided walkthrough on how to navigate the Ad Manager of Facebook and showing you exactly how to leverage the Ad Manager for your business.

Get Your Pixel

A guided tour on what is a pixel and how you should be using it in your business. There are numerous ways you should be using pixels, I will explain which one is best for you and your business.

Conversion Tracking Pixels

Step by step walkthrough of how to create a conversion tracking pixel so you never have to guess again which ad is generating you leads or making you sales.

Delivering Your Offer

A step by step tutorial on how to actually deliver your offer to your prospects that will results in you getting more leads and sales for your business via a popular 3rd party system.

Fan Page Navigation

Step by step tutorial on how to navigate your Facebook Fan Page and understanding exactly where the hot spots are that you need to attend to in order to become a rockstar within your niche.

Creating Compelling Status Updates

I will walks you through a live demonstration on exactly how I creates compelling status updates that promote engagement, brand awareness, and ads that sell.

Creating Videos That Sell

I will walks you through how to structure your videos for three different types of promotions, from getting traffic to leads

Creating Page Post Engagement Ads

Step by step guided walkthrough on how to create an effective page post engagement ad to get more reach with your targeted audience.

Audience Insights

Step by step guided tour of what audience insights is and how you can leverage audience insights to become a better marketer than most marketers on Facebook.

Conversion Ads

Step by step guided walkthrough on how to create conversion Facebook ads to get Facebook to optimize your ad for a specific objective such as more leads, key page views, add to cart, etc..

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