How To Navigate Facebook


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Your Home Page


Your home page is what you see when you log into Facebook. It includes your News Feed, the constantly updating list of posts from friends, Pages and other connections you've made. You can react to things you see or search for people and topics that matter to you. Learn how to control what you see in News Feed.


How to use the left side menu on my home page


You can edit or access different features from the left side menu. Hover your mouse to the left of each link to find the edit option . From here, you can edit some settings and also mark favorites that you'd like quick access to in the Favorites section of the menu.

Click the main links to quickly find groups, apps, pages and other features you're connected to.

  • News Feed is a stream of updates from friends and Pages you follow and is your default home page view.
  • Messages is where you can read and create private messages on Facebook.
  • Events provides an overview of what’s going on around you. From here, you can respond to open events or events you’ve been invited to. Or, you can create an event of your own.

Below these four links, you’ll see shortcuts to your lists, any groups you belong to or apps you use regularly.

Bookmark apps and groups you use the most and they'll appear in the Favorites section of your menu.

How to edit your favorites list


Your Favorites list is a collection of saved links to features such as apps, groups and Pages.

To access your Favorite's list, click Home on the top menu bar. Your Favorites list is located at the top of the left column.

To add a link to your Favorites list:

  1. Click Home on the top bar.
  2. In the left menu, find the link you'd like to add to your Favorite's List. If you don't see the link you're looking for, hover over a category name (ex: Pages) and click More.
  3. Hover over the link, click and select Add to Favorites.

To rearrange a link in your Favorites list:

  1. Hover over the link, click and select Rearrange
  2. Click and drag the link to a new location in your Favorites list
  3. Click Done at the bottom of your Favorites list

To remove a link from your Favorites list, hover over the link, click  and select Remove from Favorites.

Note: You can't rearrange or remove News Feed from your Favorites list.

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