Exclusive One-on-One Social Media Coaching & Mentoring for Grown-Ups

Are you sick and tired of fighting with your lack of tech skills?


Wish you had the skills necessary to use social media?


 If yes, you're in the right place.

Whether you are new to Social Media or would like to explore more about the different platforms, my training can make learning to use social media sites simple and fun. My step-by-step instructions make it easy to connect with family, friends, and colleagues; share digital photos; play social games; and much more.

My Social Media for Grown-Ups training covers the most popular social media platforms. However, it focuses on the biggest and most happening social networking site, Facebook, and how people of our generation are using it. Trust me; we don’t use Facebook the same way our kids do. It’s a different experience for us and one that must be learned to truly appreciate the power of the platform.

Did you know, for example, that you can use Facebook to keep in touch with all your family members—including distant relatives? Or that you can find long-lost friends on the Facebook site—including that cute guy you had a crush on back in high school? Or that you can share your family photos with these friends and relatives? And keep them updated on what you’re up to these days?

That’s right, grown-ups use Facebook to get connected with the people we know today, as well as those we knew in years gone by. We also use Facebook to keep tabs on our kids, to drop them a note from time to time, and to see what mischief they’re getting themselves into.

The key is figuring out how to find all the people you want to find and to share all the information you want to share—without sharing too much personal information about yourself. There’s a bit of a trick to doing the social networking thing while still maintaining a semblance of privacy online.

I try to cover all this in my training. My focus is on using Facebook, yes, but as responsible adults—not as kids. Because let’s face it, we haven’t been kids for quite some time now.

Seriously, what’s the point of spending years trying to reinvent the wheel, when you could just work with me on a personal basis so you can learn exactly what you need to know much FASTER.

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Coaching Sessions Will Be Conducted On a Zoom Video Calls


I will conduct the coaching on Zoom, where I have the capability to record the coaching session (sessions will be private, so ONLY you and I will have access to them…) so you can go back through the training, again and again, to pull out the GOLDEN nuggets that you need to take action on. This is invaluable… and will help you remember EVERYTHING we go through during the session.

One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years I’ve been doing coaching and consulting is that everybody is different with where they are at in their understanding of Facebook. Therefore, during your coaching time with me, we will work on the specific areas you need the most help with. These areas might include:

Facebook Sign-Up

Sign up for Facebook (it’s free!) and create a new account

Facebook Find Old Friends

How to find old friends who are also on Facebook

Facebook Messenger

Use the Facebook Messenger app to text your Facebook friends

Facebook Events

Use Facebook to schedule and manage real-world events—including birthdays

Facebook Do's and Don'ts

Find out what you should—and shouldn’t—share on Facebook

Facebook Navigation

Step by step tutorial on how to navigate your Facebook

Facebook News Feed

Use the News Feed to discover what your friends are up to

Facebook Videos

How to upload a video to Facebook the right way? I got you covered in this step by step tutorial.

Facebook Chat

Chat privately with friends and family—via text or video

Facebook Privacy

Configure Facebook’s privacy settings to keep your personal information private

Facebook Keeping in Touch

Discover how best to use Facebook to keep in touch with your kids and grandkids

Facebook Photos

View your friends’ digital photos—and share your photos with friends and family

Facebook Pages

Find and follow pages from your favorite public figures and companies

Facebook On Other Devices

Use Facebook on your computer, smartphone, or tablet

Facebook Update Friends and Family

How to update your friends and family on your current activities

Facebook Timeline

Personalize the Timeline page that your friends see

Facebook Groups

Discover interesting topic-specific groups

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